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Is your referral Process Out of control?

Primary Care Providers

  • Hours wasted coordinating appointments for patients by phone and fax
  • No idea if your patient shows up for the referral appointment.
  • Redundant and disorganized follow up


  • Hours wasted setting up appointments over the phone
  • More hours wasted sending faxes and making phone calls for follow up
  • Fragmented referral streams from primary care providers


  • Patient navigation is a disorganized manual process full of delays and poor patient

DoctorFare simplifies and automates

The entire patient navigation landscape

Eliminates the hassles of phone calls and faxes

Referrals, insurance key patient information included in appointment

How do we do it ?

Appointments & Availability

Specialists can set availability of their providers

Primary Care Providers can access real time appointments and availability of their highly aligned specialists and imaging centers.

Track and manage patients.

Specialists will receive appointments and related documents within the portal. Patients can be tracked and managed throughout the primary

Care and preferred insurance ecosystem. This accountability creates a new level of high quality efficient care, improved patient satisfaction and improved patient engagement.

Reschedule appointments & No Shows on the fly

Specialists can now reschedule an appointment in any slot for the doctor and likewise Primary Care Providers can reschedule an appointment in the available slots without any hassle

also asking questions and request information within the platform is just a click away.

Get reminder notifications.

Patients are informed every step of the way for both tele and in-person appointments.

They also get text reminder notifications 48 hours prior to the tele appointment and 5 minutes prior to the appointment start time.

Patients are notified when the doctor checks in and wait for them to join the tele link.